Our story

Our story

You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes. Or so they say. Mine have always been immaculately polished, elegantly understated but also occasionally colourful and bold – a gentleman’s armoury of shoes.
My father taught me the importance of good shoes and they have become a lifelong love affair for me.

I take my cue from fellow Mayfair resident, the infamous 18th Century arbiter and shaper of the gentlemen’s aesthetic – Beau Brummell. The epitome of the Mayfair gentleman, he was renowned for embracing immaculate style and perfect tailoring, but also for challenging the establishment and insisting on putting his own elegant twist on all that he wore.

I set out on a journey of intensive research and development perfecting designs, sourcing the very best in manufacture and materials before deciding to launch and realising my ambition of founding a shoe company.

Nigel M Siwani
Founder and Creative Director


We recognise that style is a very personal matter; when luxury is available off the shelf to all, it’s the personal touch, the sense of being unique that matters.

Your sense of who you are, what you represent, is reflected in the choices you make: the colour and interior of the car you drive, the little flash of your suit lining, even the watch you wear.

Being able to create and express your own style is fundamental to the making of the modern gentleman.
The Italians have a phrase -sprezzatura – a studied nonchalance, a certain understated elegance, appearing effortless. This is what we strive to embody.

That’s why Mount Street Shoe Company does things a little differently. We recognise that your shoes should be personal to you. We bring the skilled workmanship and art of tailoring to shoe buying, providing you a high quality, bespoke experience.

We now give you the confidence to put your style, integrity and personality into your own shoes for every occasion, dress shoes, golf shoes and a range of men’s and ladies slippers.

You choose the style, the finish of the finest leathers, fabric, even the colour of the sole, laces and the lining – it’s up to you.

Your style may lie in standing out from the crowd and in making a statement, or it might lie in quietly knowing as you stand among your peers that the sole of your shoe matches the lining of your suit. Whether bold or subtle, your shoes should reflect who you are.

A Mount Street Shoe is beautiful, well made and unique to you.