We currently have two last styles available that you can choose to base your shoe creation be it dress shoe or slipper.



Size recommendation is based on a digital 3D analysis and empirical study conducted on our shoe lasts streamlined with an intelligent best-fit algorithm. Please bear in mind that our size recommendation is only good for the shoe category that you are designing. Understandably, fitting among different shoe categories might differ. Please select the shoe model and check your size. Also please bear in mind that difference in shoe sizes measurements is often as small as 2mm (1/12 inches) so your foot measurements will need to be equally detail oriented to be effective. Please ensure you measure your feet following strictly instructions shown in help diagram. It is best to measure your feet after a full day of walking because exercise can slightly increase the size of your feet. Measure both feet; most people's feet are slightly asymmetrical. Use the measurements from the larger foot. Information contained here is intended as a general guide only. Size recommendation by our online size calculator tool entirely depends on how accurate the actual foot measurement is. We can only aim to provide you with the best fitting size based in our digital and empirical studies and the measurements you provide. For a perfect fitting or advice, please contact Nigel Siwani and make a fitting appointment in Mayfair or at your location either office or hotel in central London.

Morton and Mark lasts


A solid traditional British shape that is admired for its soft elegant lines and curves.


Morton has a modern, sleek appearance without ever appearing harsh. A sophisticated last that can pleasantly transform the whole aesthetic of any shoe style.